Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


If you don’t mind read the Terms and Conditions precisely before utilizing Eyaar Production.com.


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States Of Utilization


States Of Offer (Amongst Merchants And Clients)




Welcome to Eyaar Production.com likewise therefore known as “we”, “us” or “Eyaar Production“. We are an online commercial center and these are the terms and conditions overseeing your entrance and utilization of Eyaar Production alongside its related sub-spaces, locales, versatile application, administrations and apparatuses (the “Website”). By utilizing the Site, you thusly acknowledge these terms and conditions (counting the connected data in this) and speak to that you consent to conform to these terms and conditions (the “Client Understanding”). This Client Assention is considered powerful upon your utilization of the Site which means your acknowledgment of these terms. In the event that you don’t consent to be bound by this Client Assention kindly don’t get to, enlist with or utilize this Site. This Site is claimed and worked by Jade E Administrations Pakistan Pvt Constrained (Enlistment Number: ‘0080047)


The Site maintains whatever authority is needed to change, adjust, include, or evacuate segments of these Terms and Conditions whenever with no earlier warning. Changes will be powerful when posted on the Site with no other notice gave. If you don’t mind check these Terms and Conditions consistently for refreshes. Your proceeded with utilization of the Site following the presenting of changes on Terms and States of utilization constitutes your acknowledgment of those progressions.


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  1. Conditions Of Utilization


  1. Your Record


To get to specific administrations offered by the stage, we may require that you make a record with us or give individual data to finish the formation of a record. We may whenever in our sole and outright caution, nullify the username or potentially secret word without giving any reason or earlier notice and should not be at risk or in charge of any misfortunes endured by, caused by, emerging out of, regarding or by reason of such demand or negation.


You are in charge of keeping up the classification of your client ID, secret key, account points of interest and related private data. You consent to acknowledge this obligation and guarantee your record and its related subtle elements are kept up safely constantly and every essential advance are taken to counteract abuse of your record. You ought to illuminate us promptly on the off chance that you have any motivation to trust that your secret key has turned out to be known to any other person, or if the watchword is being, or is probably going to be, utilized as a part of an unapproved way. You concur and recognize that any utilization of the Site and related administrations offered or potentially any entrance to private data, information or correspondences utilizing your record and secret word should be esteemed to be either performed by you or approved by you by and large. You consent to be bound by any entrance of the Site as well as utilization of any administrations offered by the Site (regardless of whether such access or utilize are approved by you or not). You concur that we should be entitled (yet not obliged) to follow up on, depend on or consider you exclusively capable and at risk in regard thereof as though the same were completed or transmitted by you. You additionally concur and recognize that you should be bound by and consent to completely repay us against all misfortunes emerging from the utilization of or access to the Site through your record.


It would be ideal if you guarantee that the points of interest you furnish us with are right and finish constantly. You are committed to refresh insights about your record progressively by getting to your record on the web. For snippets of data you are not ready to refresh by getting to Your Record on the Site, you should advise us by means of our client benefit correspondence channels to help you with these progressions. We maintain all authority to deny access to the Site, end records, evacuate or alter content whenever without earlier notice to you. We may whenever in our sole and total attentiveness, ask for that you refresh your Own Information or forthwith nullify the record or related subtle elements without giving any reason or earlier notice and should not be at risk or in charge of any misfortunes endured by or caused by you or emerging out of or regarding or by reason of such demand or nullification. You thus consent to change your watchword now and again and to keep your record secure and furthermore might be in charge of the secrecy of your record and subject for any revelation or utilize (regardless of whether such utilize is approved or not) of the username as well as secret word.


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  1. Privacy


If you don’t mind survey our Protection Assention, which likewise oversees your visit to the Site. The individual data/information gave to us by you or your utilization of the Site will be dealt with as entirely secret, as per the Security Understanding and pertinent laws and controls. On the off chance that you protest your data being moved or utilized as a part of the way indicated in the Security Understanding, kindly don’t utilize the Site.


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  1. Platform For Correspondence


You concur, comprehend and recognize that the Webpage is an online stage that empowers you to buy items recorded at the cost demonstrated in that whenever from any area utilizing an installment strategy for your decision. You additionally concur and recognize that we are just a facilitator and can’t be a gathering to or control in any way any exchanges on the Site or on an installment entryway as made accessible to you by a free specialist co-op. In like manner, the agreement of offer of items on the Site should be an entirely bipartite contract amongst you and the venders on our Site while the installment handling happens between you, the specialist organization and if there should arise an occurrence of prepayments with electronic cards your backer bank. Likewise, the agreement of installment on the Site might be entirely a bipartite contract amongst you and the specialist co-op as recorded on our Site.


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  1. Continued Accessibility of The Site


We will do our most extreme to guarantee that entrance to the Site is reliably accessible and is continuous and blunder free. Nonetheless, because of the idea of the Web and the idea of the Website, this can’t be ensured. Furthermore, your entrance to the Site may likewise be once in a while suspended or limited to take into consideration repairs, upkeep, or the presentation of new offices or administrations whenever without earlier notice. We will endeavor to constrain the recurrence and span of any such suspension or confinement.


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  1. License To Access The Site


We require that by getting to the Site, you affirm that you can frame lawfully restricting contracts and in this manner you affirm that you are no less than 18 years old or are getting to the Site under the supervision of a parent or lawful gatekeeper. We give you a non-transferable, revocable and non-selective permit to utilize the Site, as per the Terms and Conditions portrayed in this, for the reasons for looking for individual things and administrations as inclined to be sold on the Site. Business utilize or use in the interest of any outsider is disallowed, aside from as unequivocally allowed by us ahead of time. On the off chance that you are enrolling as a business substance, you speak to that you have the expert to tie that element to this Client Understanding and that you and the business element will consent to every single pertinent law identifying with internet exchanging. No individual or business substance may enlist as an individual from the Site more than once. Any rupture of these Terms and Conditions might bring about the quick repudiation of the permit conceded in this passage without notice to you.


Content gave on this Site is exclusively for educational purposes. Item portrayals including cost, accessible stock, highlights, additional items and some other points of interest as communicated on this Site are the obligation of the merchants showing them and isn’t ensured as totally precise by us. Entries or conclusions communicated on this Site are those of the individual(s) posting such substance and may not mirror our assessments.


We give you a restricted permit to access and make individual utilization of this Website, yet not to download (barring page reserves) or change the Webpage or any part of it in any way. This permit does exclude any resale or business utilization of this Webpage or its substance; any accumulation and utilization of any item postings, portrayals, or costs; any subordinate utilization of this Website or its substance; any downloading or replicating of record data for the advantage of another dealer; or any utilization of information mining, robots, or comparable information social occasion and extraction apparatuses.


This Site or any segment of it (counting yet not constrained to any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other restrictive data) may not be imitated, copied, duplicated, sold, exchanged, went to, dispersed or generally abused for any business reason without express composed assent by us as might be pertinent.


You may not casing or utilize surrounding strategies to encase any trademark, logo, or other restrictive data (counting pictures, content, page design, or frame) without our express composed assent. You may not utilize any meta labels or some other content using our name or trademark without our express composed assent, as relevant. Any unapproved utilize ends the authorization or permit conceded by us to you for access to the Site with no earlier notice. You may not utilize our logo or other exclusive realistic or trademark as a feature of an outer connection for business or different purposes without our express composed assent, as might be appropriate.


You concur and attempt not to perform limited exercises recorded inside this area; undertaking these exercises will bring about a quick cancelation of your record,