About Us

Eyaar Production

About us We would like to introduce ourselves as we are manufacturrs and exporters of all kinds of knitted garments. We are exclusively selling our products to European Countries and Scan countries with yearsof past experience. The erection of machinery, selection of technical staff and its production is closely supervised and monitored by experienced, technical and motivated management.

What manufacture we are?

Eyaar Production are manufacturers and exporters quality knitted garments for its customers the world over, especially Europe, America and Canada. The production staff and management has wide varied experience of producing the quality garments of various kinds like, track suites, night suites, sports and casual wearing and are conscious in maintaining high standards in production of fabric garments. The management team comprises of dedicated and highly qualified individuals, lying much emphasis on teamwork and interdependency, which bring systematic results.


Eyaar Production is very selective in the purchase of all raw materials specially the yarn, for consistent quality production of the fabric garments. Special attention is also focused on various production processes like knitting, dyeing, cutting and stitching etc. Extra emphasis is also given on systematic and stringent quality control measures Our unit is fully equipped with the fulfill and demands of the European and Western state customers. The entire satisfaction of the customer is our foremost goal.